Hello! Sun started as a personal and intimate project that stemmed from a growing discomfort in constantly seeing conversations that surrounded any matters in healing or wellness be those that almost always felt impossible, unattainable, expensive and unrelatable for so many.


Wellness was starting to become a topic of exclusivity and elitism, bypassing anything honest and seeming to exist with the purpose of flaunting the routines of the affluent and selling us fantasies of what condones to a worthy life. I found that the industry was failing to embrace the complete spectrum of the human experience, the one that embraces the dark corners of life as well as the light. I found a growing importance to talk about real things and share real stories in hope to remind us that wellness and beauty goes beyond what you pay for, buy, wear, use and how you look. Instead of being trained to buy into wellness and cash in on healing, that we must return to being curious about ourselves and the real causes of why we are feeling ill and turn over to the power of inner enquiry.
I wanted to provide a platform where conversations were had with some of the beautiful people in my life in discussing their diet, health and life philosophies in hope to inspire us all that we are what we eat, how we live and what we think. I wanted to focus on the idea that healing and beauty - whether it be skin, hair, disease, weight or mental illness - is the measure of how we balance and centre our lives through the attention and care we pay into what we put “inside” of us and how we “live” rather than placing our obsessions on everything that exists “outside” of us or what we wear and how we look at the forefront of our priorities. To help people connect the dots.

Hello! Sun aims to humanize the idea of “wellness” one, that doesn’t stand behind a product or a quick fix or tools that can only be accessible to some and not others. A platform to help us feel empowered in our responsibility in cultivating our health - without it feeling so scary, unobtainable, expensive or out of our league. To help people feel less alienated and shamed in their pain and suffering. To help people feel safe in that our darkness is also an integral part of healing in itself. It should be welcomed not banished. To share that no matter who you are, these feelings are felt and experienced universally.

I hope the interviews I present challenge you to think for yourself, feel more connected and less alone. To give you the space to understand that you are what you eat and you become what you think, literally. To hopefully inspire you to reassess what is actually integral to your being; if we want our lives to change, we must want to be the change and feel that the chance to change is available to us all. Through this platform I want to humanize everyone including our role models and industry icons to understand that pain, suffering and healing is felt by all, no matter who you are.


A space to talk about things that women aren’t talking about, real conversations about real things. A space to inspire you that you are not alone.​

And if you're here, then I would like to extend a warm welcome :)