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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Sometimes known as square breathing, it’s quite similar to resonance breathing and it’s super simple and easy to digest. It’s common to feel a little dizzy if you are new to breathing techniques so if this happens don’t feel alarmed. Just stop, breathe normally and return when you feel safe and ready.


Sit in a comfortable position - you can prop a pillow on the wall and lean against it, just as long as the base and the top of the spine is in a straight line for breath to flow. A dimly lit room or lights off is best.

Exhale all the stale breath out. Now you can begin.

Inhale for slow 4 counts.

Hold your breath for slow 4 counts.

Exhale for slow 4 counts.

Hold at the bottom of your exhale for slow 4 counts.

Repeat 4x in one sitting.


This breathing technique is extremely effective for anxiety, sleep and panic disorders as it works with your autonomic nervous system. Again similarly to resonance breathing, we regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide intake in the bloodstream, working with the vagus nerve (the nerve that controls our mind to body communication channels) and the exhalation stimulates our rest and digest nervous system (the parasympathetic system). This is a powerful and effective stress reliever and also great at creating some space between your thoughts and its response triggers such as anxiety, panic, insonmia or shortness of breath.

I hope in one way or another these can help you even if you don’t need any relief at this point in time, maybe it can be a nice seed to plant and perhaps something you can return to over and over again as have I done over the past few years. It only takes a few minutes or let alone a few seconds to reroute the rollercoaster ride our minds usually want to take us on and with the simple use of oxygen and knowing how to utilize it, we actually have the power to navigate our minds into a different direction allowing us the power to place a different handle on our physical responses to certain situations.

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