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Updated: Oct 7

Mashara is a delightful creative soul who has a gift in a lot of things but understanding food seems to be one of them. Here’s a really simple, accessible but amazing recipe - good for dinner, lunch or breakfast and nice to cook in bulk. She suggests adding a soft boiled or poached egg on top for breakfast. Boiled potatoes is also suggested if one pleases :)


1 Cauliflower head

Haloumi - for 1 head of cauliflower, I used 225gm of Haloumi

and really wet, fleshy type.

1 Lemon

Fresh herbs - mint, dill, parsley or whatever you like

Fresh leafy greens - what’s in your fridge! I love pea tendrils.

Flakey sea salt

Extras: rice, capers, nuts & seeds


Cut up the cauliflower into small pieces til it has a rice-like

resemblance. I like to use a knife but you could also use a food processor to get a consistency you like. I wouldn't go too fine as the texture of larger pieces is nice.

Chop the haloumi fine too. Like pea size crumbs.

Heat an oil of preference in a pan - olive or coconut oil or ghee are my preference. * I don't cook with onion and garlic but if you do you can add it here. I like to use spring onion or leek occasionally.

Add the cauliflower and let it cook for a bit on high heat until it starts to go slightly translucent.

Then throw in the haloumi and cook them down together, stirring, letting them sweat. You can put the lid on for a bit too. You can add some cooked rice here.

Stir in some butter/ghee. Season with some salt and lemon.

Turn down the heat a bit and let the cauliflower, haloumi and rice cook and absorb any liquids.

Whilst preparing any greens and herbs, I use whatever I have in my fridge and prepare them in a separate bowl - seasoning with olive oil, salt and lemon. Add capers if you feel like a little bit of extra zest.

Before serving, I like to mix in any seeds or nuts into the cauliflower mixture. I like flax seeds, chopped almonds, pine nuts - anything that I have available.

Then serve with the greens on top - an extra drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice and salt.


Check out Mashara's beautiful newsletter called Silver Platter Newsletter for more recipes and thoughts.

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