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Updated: Nov 16

Gracie is a dear sister of mine an my plant medicine friend. Her knowledge about plant's, herbs and medicine never ceases to amaze me. She has held and guided me through some of my most darkest times and through over our twelve years of friendship has an intuition so sensitive and a presence so nurturing - I trust this woman with my life.

Here I am so excited to share something we have both been enjoying - a gentle heart opening trip of a drink, Gracie's cacao recipe.


If you suffer from any extreme heart conditions or extreme levels of anxiety or working through deep trauma, please approach this drink with caution & increased awareness.

Everyone’s experience will be different as we are all different, but like a mini “trip” this drink can bring to the surface buried feelings or any suppressed emotions.

In traditional ceremonial cacao - up to 6 tablespoons are used whereas our recipe notes 1 tablespoon. Adjust accordingly to your intuition x

"This recipe was a companion during a trialling time when

I needed clarity & a helping hand.

I sat with cacao everyday for many weeks.

Allowing this plant spirit to hold my hand as I ventured

into my body to places I was afraid of.

To befriend this spirit is a personal journey &

will be unique to each being. Like any journey or “trip”,

the intention you set & the location you choose all play in

an affect on your experience.

My most common calling in when sitting with

this drink was for wisdom & gentleness.

This plant hails from South America dating as far back

as the Olmec culture of pre Aztec times where it was

& still is highly regarded as a sacred plant -

a potent heart opener.

Deep gratitude rises from within for all the beings throughout

history who have honored their relationship to this spirit, loved

it so as to allow it to prosper & travel to us now."



1 tablespoon raw ceremonial cacao paste*

*Cacao paste is preferred over cacao powder as paste preserves cacao & all its medicinal properties as it’s still in its rawest form & has not been processed.

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Pinch cayenne pepper

1/2 cup of favorite nut or oat milk

Optional to sweeten:

1 teaspoon honey or 1 pitted date

Any medicinal mushroom powders you fancy

Pinch Celtic sea salt

Pinch vanilla paste


Chop up cacao paste

Place all ingredients in a blender

Blend thoroughly & then sift through a nut milk bag or piece of muslin

Transfer to a pot & heat up enough for desired warmth

Do not bring it to boil as it affects the oils in the nuts & cacao

Sit somewhere quiet & safe, set your intention & enjoy the ride :)

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