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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I thought it would be nice to open a Journal as a part of Hello! Sun, a place to voice my thoughts, answer questions and share some of my opinions to those that may sit outside my circle. And after so many questions what a better place to start then to introduce Hello! Sun and how it started, in my own words to all of you that have been curious :)

I started this project back in 2014 where I was splitting my time between working as a stylist assistant by day and waitressing at Lovely Day in Nolita by night. I was grateful enough to be surrounded by some amazing and beautiful people split between these two worlds but the more time went on, the more I noticed some common threads in many of my conversations with these affluent New Yorkers. It seemed that even though some of them appeared to be living the most prestigiously unattainable lifestyles - they were also extremely unhappy. Among confessions of depression, crippling anxiety, unhealthy fixations followed by dangerous dieting, it became apparent to me that an all encompassing obsession with exterior beauty was of prominent popularity in our society.

I felt a growing discomfort in starting to see people around me including those I loved fall sick with disease, at one point myself included. Whether it manifested itself through the skin with acne, hair and hair loss, weight, thyroid conditions or mental illnesses, we were falling ill and diagnosing everything just on the surface level, giving it a name and a drug. It became apparent that maybe the mind and body connection had been forgotten along with the innate truth in that the two work synchronistically and what affects one directly affects the other.

Just to clarify, it’s not easy. Having the current state of our intelligence and our intuition being drowned out and spread so thin by an onslaught of information from beauty blogs, food companies, fashion websites and influencers projecting perfect lifestyles and promoting a highly driven consumer culture - we have been brought down to believe that beauty and health is something we can buy into through a prescription drug, face mask, facelift or a new diet as long as we were privileged enough to afford the price. How we eat, the relationships we nurture, how we move and the things that make us feel most peaceful and safe had been somewhat neglected as quick fixes became faster and promises came at us cheaper.

We continue to hear complaints of people feeling unwell or depressed while also watching them (again, at one point myself included!) wind down most nights with drinking, maybe a pack of cigarettes, rich foods, spending their days overworking themselves to stress in jobs that fail to nourish them all the while then living in a slumber in complete denial, and when illnesses caught up - finally at a loss as to why we felt so unwell.

We turn to expensive facials or chemical laden cosmetics, quick fixes to resolve our skin issues or turn to medicating ourselves for feeling blue and anxious without actually questioning the causes. Our bodies natural signaling systems and intuition are left confused and the balance between pleasure and self care is lost. Neglecting to centre our lives around caring for our internal worlds but rather placing our obsessions on what we wear and how we look at the forefront of our priorities. And please! In no way am I exempting western medicine, science or pharmacology and the importance and various roles it plays today with addressing serious illnesses, disorders, diseases and life saving surgeries - however I am speaking about the everyday life to life toxicities and perhaps the importance in raising certain awareness’s as preventative measures and achievable pathways to obtaining good everyday health.

I have always believed our outer appearances act as a mirror which reflect and project our internal motions outwards. If you are out of balance, unhappy, stressed or out of love - physical manifestations of these emotional toxins can start to appear in time - whether it be through the skin, hair, your weight or through interfering with your bodies natural rhythms, digestion or mental health. I don’t ever mean to be dogmatic however I have always been of the belief you become a product of what you feed yourself, physically and mentally, inside and out.

Through all this I became less interested in a woman and her beauty routine but more interested in a woman and her life routine. I am lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful people and every woman who has been featured on Hello! Sun has captivated my curiosity in how they manage their inner health to dance with life so effortlessly glowing from head to toe.

I wanted to share with everyone things that I became curious about - what did these women eat? What was their morning routine? How did they live and what did they do when they felt down, anxious or depressed? I wanted a place to share below surface level conversations in hope to ultimately inspire people to never feel alone. Whoever you are and in whatever your profession, be it a glamorous one or not - the hurt and suffering we feel is global and the way we can help ourselves is also so obtainable.

Hello! Sun exists for me first and foremost - a project I selfishly endured to help me in my own healing and the expansion it has seen and the support it has received is unimaginable and I am so grateful. Through listening to these women I aspire to be and their journey’s that have inspired mine, I’ve learnt that your health is yours and you do with it what you want to do. There’s no right or wrong, it’s all you and where you are and where you want to be. And whether that’s up or maybe down, it’s all just as beautiful and humbling and we need to learn to be kind to ourselves as we would our friend and not judge or punish ourselves accordingly.

I hope the interviews I continue to present can challenge you to think for yourself, feel more connected and less alone and understand that you are what you eat and you become what you think, literally. It’s hard to filter all the noise and pressures today with what we should do, who we should be, what we should look like but if we want our lives to change, we must want to be the change.

I hope Hello! Sun can continue to become a bigger platform, reaching more women to be inspired to live a better life or make it through a difficult situation. To question our priorities and draw our focus to caring more for the things that really matter and need our attention through questioning our symptoms, listening to our bodies, self work and reflection. To humanize our role models and icons and understand that pain, suffering and healing is all universal. A space to talk about things that women aren’t talking about, real conversations about real things.

Angel X

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