Private Practice with Angel

Born and raised in Australia, Angel spent her later years living and working in New York before taking a leap in 2018 to travel back to India to commence her devotion and training in yoga with her teacher and his lineage with Swami Veda, Swami Rama and Sri K Pattabhi Jois. 


Angel’s training and teaching pays upmost respect to her teachers - honoring the history, traditions and the philosophical roots of yoga as defined by the East. Her teachings incorporate dynamic sequences, deep tissue work, a focus on breath and correct alignment and uses the practice as an encouragement towards emotional introspection and yoga as a healing modality.


Her love and heart is in teaching yoga to heal and hold space in challenging her students to draw themselves into the art of self study - breaking open and releasing tensions stored in the body while strengthening and conditioning both the body and disciplining the mind.


Angel’s classes are nurturing and often intimate and intuitive catering to all different levels. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and is a Vipassana meditator, having devoted 25 days to the silent meditation practice in isolation.


Due to COVID - all class bookings will be via Zoom. Prices have been discounted to accommodate.

Private 1:1 Yoga with Angel

$80 per 60 mins

$120 per 90 mins

Personalized sequence tailored to clients needs, concerns and objectives.

Alignment cues and individualized adjustments to strengthen client's confidence and self practice.

Custom sequence sheet available to encourage self practice for home or travel.

Guided meditation offering available if requested tailored towards clients lifestyle and wellbeing.

Private 1:1 Meditation with Angel

$50 per 30 mins

Personalized guided meditation offering tailored to encourage clients mental wellbeing and lifestyle.

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iCare with Hello! Sun is a special initiative by Hello! Sun that hosts yoga and meditation events to raise and donate proceeds to different causes, charities and organizations that work hard to make wellness, therapy and healing modalities available to all no matter their race, socio economic background, income or disability.


Helping others and passing on the privilege is a huge branch of Hello! Sun's mission to continually serve. Everyone deserves the right to better health, better care and a better life. Wellness should be an equal opportunity. Everyone deserves accessibility. 


Hello! Sun missions to help wherever and however they can. Keep an eye out for future events :)

Past Events

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